SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Levitt at the Falls will once again be ringing with music Thursday night after taking a week-long break for JazzFest.

Thursday night’s performer made an earlier appearance in Sioux Falls to promote cause that’s important to her.

Before Eleanor Dubinsky and her band take the stage at the Levitt tonight, they wanted to share their multi-cultural and multi-lingual music with children in Sioux Falls.

Eleanor Dubinsky and her band celebrate diversity every time they perform. With half of the band being from Brazil and performing songs in multiple languages, they show many forms of culture through their music.

“When I was a child, hearing music and being able to go to concerts and experience music that maybe wasn’t from where I was from changed my life. And really sent me on the trajectory that I’m on now, totally opened up my world. So I know how important culture and music and being able to express yourself is, both for kids and adults,” singer and songwriter Eleanor Dubinsky said.

Today, they shared their music and cultures with children at the Multi-Cultural CARE camp.

“Diversity is what’s important to us, ethnic, religious diversity, we want to make sure bridges are built, relationships are developed, just that honor and respect. Our kids are awesome kids and we want people to understand their awesome kids. Just with the political climate right now, sometimes they don’t feel that way. So we really try to build them up and Eleanor coming and showing that you can be from around the world and do amazing things and share your gifts, is a nice thing for our kids to see,” Multi-Cultural center Executive Director Christy Nicolaisen said.

On top of performing some of their own songs for the kids, the band also worked with the kids to write their own song.

“My favorite part is really connecting with them. Hearing their ideas. We wrote a song with them that came from their ideas and then to be able to transform their words into a song that we can all sing together, it’s like a light beam. Each one of these kids is a light beam,” Dubinsky said.

Dubinsky and her band will take the stage Thursday night at 7.

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