SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — They say all good things must come to an end, and that reigns true for the 50 free concerts the Levitt at the Falls has put on this summer, as they are wrapping up their concert season this weekend.

Crews set up today for the last time this year, but there are a lot more moving pieces that you don’t see in order to put on these concerts.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into each of these concerts, even from choosing who the band is going to be way ahead of time, to getting them hospitality when they’re here so they can have nice meals and a comfortable bed to sleep in, to even setting up our tents and hauling around tables and chairs so that people on the lawn can buy our food here or have different people that they can talk to,” Marketing Manager Olivia Bertino said.

“Coordinating this is like doing a Rubix cube behind your back, because there’s so many moving pieces and it all has to fall in place all the right way, so,” Executive Director Nancy Halverson said.

It has been an awesome summer for Levitt at the Falls, averaging more attendees than last summer.

“Right now, Levitt at the Falls is averaging just over 2,100 attendees, and that’s including some of the concerts that we had to cancel or delay because of weather as well,” Bertino said.

“We do our best to keep everyone safe, and then of course there’s been a couple of nights where we had to stop early because there was a storm that contained lightening, so we do go rain or shine, but when there’s lightening, we don’t mess with that,” Halverson said.

The Levitt at the Falls expects the venue to be packed for the final concerts of the year.

“We are so excited for tonight, for the end of our season, it’s always a little bit bittersweet when everything comes to an end, but it’s a culmination of all the hard work we’ve done all year and everybody gets very excited to be on the lawn and spend this time with us too,” Bertino said.

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