SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Former NBA player and South Dakota native, Mike Miller has another ‘Let If Fly’ sports bar and restaurant in the works.

He already owns two, one in Sioux Falls and the other in Tennessee, but the latest one is going up in Omaha, Nebraska and by the sounds of it, it won’t be the last.

Construction is underway inside this building in downtown Omaha for the next ‘Let It Fly’ sports bar.

“Think of a 12,000 square foot space,” Al Lopez said.

Al Lopez is the CEO of Let It Fly.

We met up with him at the Sioux Falls location to talk about the new two story bar in Omaha. He says it’ll feature two outdoor patios with all kinds of food, drinks, and beer; along with a podcast studio.

“So all of our local regional and national sports stars will be featured in the show so we’ll be having dinner and then you’ll look up and you’ll see coaches from Nebraska, coach McDermott from Creighton, they’ll be interviewing live while we are having dinner,” Lopez said.

Another feature that you won’t find in too many other sports bars will be a 50 foot wide LED tv screen to watch games.

“Whether it be Creighton or Huskers or multiple big games going on, we can show them in huge huge quality and size,” owner of L & S Video and Audio Dave Lawrence said.

Dave Lawrence of L&S is the man behind the screens here in Sioux Falls and he’ll be in charge of the ones going up in Omaha.

“We also have 70 some TVs every place in the bar including the patios so no matter where you sit we’re going to have a view for everybody,” Lawrence said.

They say timing is everything. Let If Fly is still under construction and has a long way to go, but they’re hoping to have it open in time for the College World Series and that stadium is really close to here.

So they’re expecting large crowds on opening day.

“We are going to jump in the deep end of the pool at the get-go,” Lopez said.

Lopez says once this Let It Fly opens, look for more in the near future.

“I’m from New York, don’t let that be a bad thing, but I didn’t come 1,200 miles to open up one restaurant,” Lopez said.

Lopez says they’re having conversations of opening a second location in South Dakota, a second one in Omaha, and another one in Mississippi.