SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A legendary rock band made a stop in Sioux Falls Thursday night to sample some beer and play an acoustic set at Remedy Brewing Company.

Breweries often claim their beer is cold as ice, but rarely do they have the music to match.

Foreigner is currently touring the region, and three members of the band made a special appearance at Remedy Brewing Company.

“They asked if they could come in, drink some beers with us, play kind of a private, acoustic set, and were were like please come down,” Remedy Brewing Company co-owner Matt Hastad said.

Michael Bluestein, Bruce Watson, and Luis Maldonado performed hit after hit…but during this event, beer is the star of the show.

“We do this thing called a VIB, very important beer,” Foreigner guitarist & singer Luis Maldonado said.

“When we drop into a city, several of us will want to find a good brewery where they have the good beer and so we figured gosh if we’re going to go there and just hang out let’s turn it into something musical and something fun,” Foreigner guitarist & singer Bruce Watson said.

Watson and Bluestein are more than craft beer fans, they’re Certified Beer Servers.

“That has given us a knowledge where we can speak with brewers and people at breweries and give the appearance, and actually have some beer knowledge and be able to discuss beer intelligently,” Watson said.

“We’ve studied the process of brewing a little bit and know the different styles pretty well, everything from stouts and porters to lagers and pilsners and IPAs,” Foreigner keyboardist Michael Bluestein said.

And these craft beer enthusiasts are now fans of Remedy.

“Actually, the beer is fantastic. We like to think that we’re a bit particular about it, having been into it for a while and they’re really killing it with the different styles,” Bluestein said.

“I would honestly say it’s top 10% of breweries in terms of the quality of the product,” Watson said.

It’s a tour within the tour that is paying dividends for Foreigner.

“It’s great to do this because it kind of brings back that spontaneity and you just kind of go, you go with the moment,” Maldonado said.

Remedy sold about 80 tickets to Thursday’s show.

Foreigner will spend the next week in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Iowa, before kicking off its Farewell Tour in early July.