SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Each day we all have to make a multitude of decisions both personally and professionally. The Junior Achievement program wants to make sure students are prepared for those tougher life choices.

At Lincoln High School, students in two grades learned the importance of making ethical decisions through various scenarios.

“First we talked about how a coach was checking room numbers and stuff in a state basketball tournament to see if all his players were there. One of the players went out passed the curfew and then the other teammate said that he was just sleeping. So they ended up getting in trouble but the hard part was what is the punishment for both of them,” ninth grader Sam Ericsson said.

The lessons taught are part of Junior Achievement’s goal of preparing young people for success.

“We are here for our excellence through ethics event where we have volunteers coming from the community to visit with students about ethical decision making and the impact, whether positive or negative, of their decisions,” Kayla Eitreim, president of junior achievement, said.

Volunteers, including Dana J. Dykhouse with First PREMIER Bank.

“We are hearing from our educators, and students themselves, that it’s really nice to hear from people who are in the workforce of what it is like to make hard decisions every day, whether personal or professional. And be able to share those stories with the students and help them understand how their choices can affect themselves and others for the long term,” Eitreim said.

Helping students understand the impact of their decisions.

“You have to always think about what you do before you actually do it,” Ericsson said.

Junior Achievement will spend this week at each of the public schools in Sioux Falls, but they’ll visit a total of 27 different communities throughout the school year to teach students about ethics.