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Law Enforcement Reacts To New Concealed Carry Law

Governor Kristi Noem has signed a piece of legislation that will change gun laws in South Dakota. Noem signed Senate Bill 47, which will repeal and revise some of the state's conceal carry laws. Once it takes effect, South Dakotans will no longer need to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

South Dakota now joins 12 other states with similar legislation. This is the first bill Governor Kristi Noem has signed while in office. During her campaign, she expressed support for this type of legislation.

"Citizens will still have to meet the same requirements, this only takes away the need to get a permit. I believe this legislation will further protect second amendment rights of the citizens of South Dakota and of this country," Noem said after signing SB 47. 

This had a lot of support in the legislature, but some members spoke against it

Democratic Sioux Falls Representative Erin Healy said she was "concerned" because the legislation would allow people with violent histories to carry "loaded hidden guns."
This also means a change for law enforcement. 

Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead says he supported the permit system, and says permits can be an important tool for deputies and officers during investigations. 

"Our job is to follow the law. We're going to work to make sure policies and practices to best identify people who may be prohibted from carrying, because we know there will be people prohibited," Milstead said. 

Governor Noem pointed out this legislation doesn't do away with the permit system, and people can still choose to get them if they want to have reciprocity in other states with similar laws. The law takes effect in July. 

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