RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — The number of homicides in Rapid City has reached a new high, and the police department and the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office are asking for help.

With crime rates on the rise, Police officers and Sheriff deputies have been extremely busy in western South Dakota…

“Every detective and every investigator on both sides of our house have been affected the last seven or 8 days due to homicide. It’s a toll on them as well. And we do things with wellness to keep them as motivated as they can, but I’m going to tell you when you see some of the things that those folks see two and three times a month, it’s extremely difficult. It’s hard on them and hard on their families,” Capt. Tony Harrison, Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, said.

Last year in Rapid City there were 12 homicides, which was a record-breaking number. This year there are already 13 with a month left to go.

“Drugs play a role in it, I think mental health and people’s lack of ability to get into services is a key as well. But I just think we are seeing an erosion of the public’s ability to work things out with people and be kind to each other and unfortunately, that’s the sad commentary on where we’re at,” Capt. James Johns, Rapid City Police Dept., said.

That’s why law enforcement is asking for your help.

“The reality is that we’ve got homicides out there that we are currently working on and people have the answers, people know who is responsible and they need to let us know. They need to come together as a community and put a stop to this,” Capt. Johns said.

A phone call or text message that could prevent a future crime.

If you have any information that the Rapid City Police or the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office can use to help with the unsolved homicides, they strongly urge you to come forward and call them.