SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A lot of our viewers probably grew up watching the Late Show with David Letterman or now watch Stephen Colbert on a nightly basis.

But there’s a new talk show that’s circulating on the internet and it’s all shot and recorded right here in Sioux Falls.

“Ladies and gentlemen, live from the Washington Pavilion it’s Late Night Boomin, tonight our special guest”

‘Late Night Boomin’ is the talk show a lot of people are talking about.

“and now please welcome your host Jack Unruh.

The talk show is the brainchild of 21-year-old Jack Unruh, who first got the idea while attending the University of Sioux Falls in 2019.

“You know what, I betcha at college we could have a late night show,” Unruh said.

It may have started out small, but it’s developing into something much bigger.

‘Late Night Boomin’ is now recorded in front of a live studio audience at the Washington Pavilion and then is played back online.

We sat down with Unruh to talk about the talk show, its short history and its future.

“We got a great team that helps out with everything, we have an awesome writing team, we meet about once a week and we write the show, and those guys can come up with stuff just like that,” Unruh said.

One of those guys is local comedian Zach Dresch, who is also the co-host.

“Jack and I play off each other pretty well, either I’ll be the funny man or I’m the guy looking at what are you doing or vice versa,” Dresch said.

It not only takes talent to pull off their late night talk show, it also takes times and money.

No one on their staff is paid.

“We’re doing it because we love it, these guys have been so great, strictly because this is fun,” Unruh said.

They’re hoping to land some sponsors to help them turn this fun venture into something bigger.

“It’s cool how we do it because we incorporate businesses into the show, so we’ll go shoot things at their businesses, in our first episode we went out to the Sport Court and we brought the 12 U World Series Little League team and we shot a video out there with them, so fun things like that where we can showcase the community,” Unruh said.

While a lot of the show is scripted with a teleprompter and four cameras, the two rely on each other and sometimes have to entertain off the cuff especially while interviewing guests.

“You never know what’s going to happen on a talk show within your conversations with your guests so it’s a perfect blend of planning and spontaneous,” Dresch said.

The show is professionally shot and well produced.

It even has its own band. Chuck Case and the Late Night Boomers.

While they haven’t made any money yet, they are making memories.

“We don’t want it to be a show where you to tune for this guest or that guest, we want you to tune in because you love the show,” Unruh said.

“I’m in the belief whatever happens happens, I’m also a spiritual person whatever is meant to be is meant to be I’m just going to have fun no matter what I’m going to perform wherever I can if it’s at the Pavilion or at a pizza parking lot, I’m going to make it fun,” Dresch said.

“We just love it can’t get enough of it and you know hopefully one day we get to a point where we are doing this for a living,” Unruh said.