SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new mural is now complete near the Levitt in Downtown Sioux Falls. It took the artist less than a week to do the painting of a woman singing.

By the Levitt, you’ll find the largest mural Walter Portz has ever painted.

“It took me five days to paint. It was around 35-40 hours total, which was pretty quick. I was a little worried, but no it went faster than I thought,” Portz said.

While he did this for free, Portz says his art is more than a hobby.

“Artwork is integral to who I am and how I think, that’s how I problem-solve. Artwork is like meditation in a lot of ways,” Portz said.

The mural takes inspiration from the music Portz grew up with, like Chuck Berry.

“We wouldn’t have any of the music we have today if it wasn’t for their early vision. And so to me, being next to a music venue it makes sense to have an African flair to it,” Portz said.

Sioux Falls residents like Tyson Schultz have enjoyed watching the mural take shape.

“Usually murals take a lot of time and a lot of effort, but it was really cool seeing it each day kind of progress and progress,” Schultz said.

Shultz already loves the mural.

“I like that it’s talking about music. It helps with the Levitt. It’s a great backdrop for it, you know the programming that goes on there with the music on stuff like that,” Schultz said.

“I’ve had amazing reactions, just tons of positivity on social media about it,” Portz said.

“I think it’s great having more visual art out for the public to enjoy. There are a good handful of places where people can consume art, but sometimes it cost money, and it’s nice to have a public space for people to enjoy art in a casual sense,” Schultz said.

Art that adds a lasting impact to the culture of downtown Sioux Falls.

The project was commissioned by Sioux Steel. The company bought all the supplies for Portz, and he ended up using 35 gallons of paint to complete the mural.