SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A longtime Sioux Falls business is making the move to a new, larger location.

Landscape Garden Centers officially closed its doors at its location on Minnesota Avenue in mid-December.

“It’s been bittersweet. That’s basically where I grew up. I started out there picking up nails for my dad and pulling weeds and now we’re moving the whole site over to this new site,” Landscape Garden Centers President Erik Helland said.

Staff spent weeks filling these five semi-trailers and moved the items to this new spacious 11-acre site south of Sioux Falls.

“Nobody has a playbook written on this, nobody really says hey this is what you should do, these are the steps while you’re still operating a business,” Helland said.

“Took awhile, it was me and the gals in the store a good three, four weeks,” Nursery Assistant Manager Delwin Johnson said.

Del Johnson has spent 32 years at Landscape Garden Centers. Today he’s assembling benches in the new 17,000 square foot greenhouse. It’s one of multiple projects currently underway.

“We’ve still got construction going on in the main store, the retail store yet. That’ll get finished up and once that’s done we’ll start opening up those trailers, start getting out display racks out for interior, the in-store stuff,” Johnson said.

“It won’t be long, we’ll be growing plant material and I would say by the end of February we better have these semis unloaded and things in the right places, at least,” Helland said.

Then Helland hopes to start enjoying the facility alongside customers.

“In March, we hope to be able to offer some people a glimpse, doing some soft openings, and then get ready to fire up for April. A lot of it will be weather dependent,” Helland said.

As is usually the case in South Dakota.

Helland also has a few special projects he’s currently keeping under wraps.

The new Landscape Garden Centers is located on 271st Street, a few miles south and west of its former site along Minnesota Avenue.