SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission unanimously voted against an application to build a CO-2 pipeline through several counties on the eastern side of the state on Wednesday.

Joy Hohn owns land in Minnehaha County and is pleased with the PUC’s decision to deny the Navigator’s pipeline application, however, the Summit pipeline hearing is next week.

“I know that many landowners are sleeping much better the last few nights and continuing forward we hope that we’ll have that same result for Summit,” said Hohn.

Hartford is one city the pipeline was planning to go through having landowners closely watch the state’s decision.

“We were just grateful that the PUC commissioners heard landowners’ concerns and their frustrations with these pipeline companies and it just gives landowners more confidence in our elected officials that they are listening to us and that, that they’re doing the right thing,” said Hohn.

People voiced their concerns about the safety of the pipelines and how it would affect their property values.

“It affects landowners and neighbors in many different ways. Some have safety issues, some have landowner rights issues. Others have future development issues. We think it’s going to affect land prices, land values, and the ability to do what you want with your land,” said John Steever, a landowner in Lincoln County.

Steever also thinks having two pipelines in the state isn’t necessary.

“I’m also thinking that we don’t need sequestration carbon. So in a bigger picture, it’s using federal dollars to come across our land to sequestration carbon, which I don’t think is a good idea in the first place,” said Steever.

Following yesterday’s decision, Navigator released a statement saying it was disappointed in the state’s decision and will continue to pursue permits in the region.

The Summit Carbon Solutions meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 11 with the PUC. Capitol News Bureau Reporter Bob Mercer will be there throughout the process.