Rapid City, S.D. (KELO) –The Journey Museum in Rapid City has a new art exhibit that opened up this week.

Lakota Landscapes is from a local photographer and artist in Pine Ridge.

Inside the Journey Museum you will find the Sioux Indian Museum which now features art from Galen LaRoche.

“The more I look at what I’ve done in all of these pictures I’ve developed over the years and put together, that’s when it shows our connection to the earth and that it’s there all the time,” Photographer Galen LaRoche said.

This museum looks to grow the artistic culture of Native American art.

“Our primary mission is to support contemporary Native American and Alaskan Native artists. So we present about four exhibits a year here inside the Journey Museum featuring contemporary Native American artists,” Senior Curator Conor McMahon said.

The Lakota Landscapes exhibit features 17 unique and wide spanding photos of the countryside from inside South Dakota, as well as neighboring states. It will be here at the Journey Museum inside the Sioux Indian Museum for two months.

“I’ve been here for 10 years and we haven’t done a strictly photography show. So we do a lot of painting exhibits, ledger art and things like that but I thought it was a really great opportunity when I saw his work to do something different and fresh,” McMahon said.

These photos caught the eyes of the museum from the details and size when presented.

“I thought that this is awesome. I still don’t know if flabbergasted is the word, when they asked me to put it up here, but I’m really glad it’s here. So people in Rapid City can see how beautiful their own state is,” LaRoche said.

Galen is known to always have his camera on him to be ready to remember the land through photos.

The Lakota Landscapes Exhibit will be showcased through November 26th.