The sky really is the limit for a group in KELOLAND.

Six students at Lake Area Technical Institute received quite the honor this year.

It’s just another day on campus for Lake Area Tech student Brad Goff.

But his shirt gives you a good idea of where he’s been.

“Honestly, it was life-changing,” LATI Student Brad Goff said.

Goff completed an internship this fall that took him all the way to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Four other students from the tech school’s Electronic Systems and Robotics programs landed NASA internships, too.

“It’s a huge, huge opportunity. Who doesn’t want NASA on their resume when they go out and try to find a job? That’s just huge for these kids.” Electronics/Robotics Department Supervisor Brooks Jacobsen said.

One student from the Aviation Maintenance program received the honor, too.

Student Jacob Pagel worked on aircraft at the Armstrong Flight Research Center in southern California.

“It was a very good experience. Once-in-a-lifetime chance,” LATI Student Jacob Pagel said.

“I get jealous in a good way, seeing where these people go to work. I would’ve done anything to go work for NASA when I was going to school,” LATI Aviation Department Supervisor Greg Klein said.

Goff is more interested in space after his time down south.

It’s now one more idea worth exploring as he gets ready for his future career.

“It is certainly an option I can go down, or a road I can go down,” Goff said.

Lake Area Tech students have been doing the NASA internships for several years now.

They are funded through the South Dakota Space Grant Consortium.