SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls lawn care company that accidentally destroyed hundreds of lawns three weeks ago is trying to make things right with its customers.

The owner of Kut & Kill says it’s going to be costly and it’s going to take time.

Hundreds of lawns all over Sioux Falls are still brown.

Three weeks ago, a long-time employee of Kut & Kill accidentally applied the wrong chemical creating a chemical burn on over 300 yards.

Owner Tate Eining didn’t fire him, because he knows it was a horrible mistake.

“Every day when he walks into the office, you can see it on his face, he knows it was a very big mess up,” owner Tate Eining said.

Eining sent out a letter to all of his customers this week letting them know he’s working on getting the lawns repaired.

“Our customers are actually being very supportive of it, you know, we are trying everything we can to get these yards fixed,” Eining said.

Starting next week Eining will begin reseeding every lawn that was impacted.

“To go out and reseed all these yards, it’s going to be a half-million dollar bill and I’m paying for that out of my pocket to take care of my customers,” Eining said.

The reason he wants to start reseeding now is because he’s still waiting to hear from his insurance company.

“Unfortunately our insurance company is dragging their feet and it’s taking longer than we would like,” Eining said.

Because the insurance claim is delayed, Eining says he can’t afford to replace the burnt lawns with sod, financially it’s just not an option.

“I physically can not go out and sod everyone’s yard and have enough money to cover that bill and that’s why I offered to do the seeding that is something we are willing to do, it will provide people with a green yard yet this year in 30 days,” Eining said.

Eining says he’s been in the business a long time and he’s never had to deal with anything like this before.

He says he’s just looking forward to the day he can put this all behind him.