SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Hundreds of lawns around the Sioux Falls area are still brown after a lawn care service accidentally put down the wrong chemical in April. Kut & Kill’s owner vowed to fix the lawns and take care of his customers.

But some customers hoping for a resolution are now in a waiting game.

This rabbit isn’t finding much to eat in the way of grass in T.J. Collins’ yard on the west side of Sioux Falls.

Collins says his last word from Kut & Kill is they were going to reseed his lawn 8 weeks after the last application which was the end of April when his entire lawn turned brown. There are patches of grass and weeds growing now.

“Really we haven’t heard anything too direct as far as a schedule or anything they plan to do as far as any monetary allowances or anything, it’s just they are going to come out and seed, put down the urea and moisture absorbent and that’s it, we don’t know when,” said Collins.

Collins says he was angry at first, but has come to terms with it. He says his only communication with the company has been by mass text.

“And then outside of that it was, hey we are reaching out to our insurance company to find out what they can do to help us because ultimately that is what insurance is for and they came back and denied the claim and we had a couple more mass emails that basically said hey we are still working and we are still trying to fix this,” said Collins.

We contacted Kut & Kill today and reached out to owner Tate Eining himself, but unlike a few weeks ago on May 19th when he talked with us, he’s no longer responding. Collins says he would just like to know what the plan is, not only for himself but his neighbors, who also get to look at his lawn.

“It would be nice to see a little bit more emphasis put on the communication side of things so I know what kind of timeline I’m looking at, ultimately it is just grass, I’m not too concerned about it unless there’s no follow-through,” said Collins.

Collins says accidents happen, he just expects Kut & Kill to resolve the situation one way or another. If nothing happens then Collins says legal action is a consideration.