SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The 82nd annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally kicks off tomorrow, but the city of Mitchell is revving things up with a pre-Sturgis Party.

One of the organizers of the event is big into bikes, in fact, this year he’s celebrating a special anniversary.

Brian Klock got started customizing motorcycles 25 years ago in a small garage, but over the years his business, Klock Werks, has grown.

As you’re about to see not only do they customize bikes, now they make all kinds of motorcycle accessories.

Al Hannah made a stop at Klock Werks after riding over 1,600 miles from Buffalo, New York to Sturgis, South Dakota.

“I’ve done it 17 years consecutively,” Hannah said

Hannah’s bike is equipped with the Sports Flare windshield; aerodynamically designed by Klock Werks.

“I just love the way the air flows right over my head. It’s just an awesome product, I wouldn’t leave home without it,” Hannah said.

“That flare windshield went on to be the number one selling part in America, they thought we’d sell 500 the first year, we sold 18,500,” President of Klock Werks Brian Klock said.

Klock Werks also customized this Irish bike for their general manager Dave Sietesma.

“You know you either love this color or you hate it, but it always gets somebody to stop,” Sietesma said.

Sietsema’s bike also has another one of Klock Werk’s new accessories, the magnetic phone holder that straps right to the handle bars.

“You know we’re all carrying our business with us, navigation with us,” Sietsema said.

Which he says comes in handy on long road trips.

In 2016, Klock Werks reached a deal with Jack Daniels customizing Indian motorcycles.

“He said it’s 150 years of Jack, we’re going to build 150 limited edition motorcycles and I want you to be the quarterback, Indian said no way you’re only going to sell 50, we sold 150 bikes that black and cream bike we sold them out in 8 hours,” Klock said.

It’s the first time a motorcycle company has done anything with alcohol, which is understandable, but Jack Daniels took a risk and came up with an ad campaign to promote safe riding.

“The message was Bottles and Throttles don’t mix go out for your ride, go back to the house, sit on the rocking chair, sit on the porch go to the hotel bar, whatever you are going to do but don’t get back on your bike,” Klock said.

It’s a message, he wants every biker to ride with, even those like Hannah, who are cruising to Sturgis.

The Pre-Sturgis Party goes until 11 o’clock tonight in downtown Mitchell with concerts by Weston Frank and Kid Rock’s House Band.