PLYMOUTH COUNTY, Iowa (KCAU) — Kingsley’s police chief has been arrested Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) on allegations of abusing his power to stalk a woman.

According to the Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Hinton Police Department made a request to DCI on Monday to investigate possible crimes that involve Kingsley’s Police Chief, James Dunn, 54.

According to court documents, Dunn was in a relationship with a woman until November 2022. He allegedly learned she was in a new relationship sometime in January.

Court documents said that sometime in February Dunn discovered where the person she was seeing lived and used that information to obtain law enforcement data regarding her, her new boyfriend, and her new boyfriend’s roommate.

Documents continue to state that on February 3 the woman asked Dunn not to contact her, her friends, or her family. Dunn allegedly ignored this request and tape a letter to the front door of her boyfriend’s residence. The documents also state that he sent a follow-up letter to her boyfriend’s roommate going into detail about things the couple had been doing. The woman asked Dunn once again not to contact her, her friends, or family on February 7. An official no-contact order has since been ordered.

A separate court document said that between February 2 and February 3 Dunn used stationary, stamps, and computer equipment owned by the city of Kingsley to send the letters.

The document also stated that he used the computers and resources at the police station to access information on his ex-girlfriend, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s roommate.

On February 12 Dunn contacted the woman’s mother, telling her that he was cheated on and that the new guy had a criminal history and was on probation, documents said.

The documents state that the woman is frightened of Dunn and feared for her safety because she does not know what he is capable of. Due to his job in law enforcement, Dunn was usually armed, even off duty, according to the woman.

Dunn was arrested by DCI at his home on Wednesday and was transported to the Plymouth County Jail without any incident, DPS said in a release.

According to DCI, Dunn is being charged with three counts of falsely obtaining criminal intelligence, non-felonious misconduct in office, and stalking.

Dunn’s bond amount was set for $15,000 and is scheduled to appear in court on February 27.

This investigation is still under investigation and no further details are being released at this time.