SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Kids are preparing to put their physical skills to the test.




These kids are training for the Sioux Falls Parks & Rec Youth Triathlon.

“It’s designed for kids who’ve never done a triathlon before and kind of give them some experience and have them come out and try it and see what it’s all about,” Recreation Program Coordinator Jean Pearson said.

Two dozen grade schoolers spent an hour today training for the swimming portion of the event.

“We do a couple of days where we bring them out and we have them work through all three events, so the swimming, the biking, and the running, and then we do a culmination event on Friday where we have the actual triathlon taking place,” Pearson said.

110 kids are pre-registered for the triathlon, a majority of the participants fall into the 6-9 age range.

“They’ve been in swimming lessons a couple times, their strokes are good enough for them to feel comfortable in the water to do the swim portion, and then hopping on their bike and doing a little bit of running, great way for kids to not only recreate safely but to stay in shape,” Pearson said.

The kids are less concerned with physical fitness and have their own reasons for participating.

“Because I like swimming,” 6-year-old Macy Flemming said.

“Well, I like swimming and I like biking and running,” 9-year-old Max Flemming said.

Macy and Max Flemming agree on swimming, though big brother isn’t the biggest fan of being in the water.

“Right now, I think it’s going to be running or biking because the swimming part… I didn’t really like that part that much,” Max Flemming said.

He does say the triathlon as a whole comes down to one thing.

“Having fun,” Max Flemming said.

“Yeah, you can look at it as being competitive and being a race, but we really want them to have a lot of fun,” Pearson said.

The triathlon is open to kids ages 6-18. Racers must be onsite by 9:30 a.m. Friday, and have a swimsuit, towel, bike, helmet, and running shoes.