SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With back-to-school quickly approaching, families are attempting to squeeze more activities into their kids’ summer break.

On a rainy Monday, it’s the sound of dribbling basketballs echoes throughout Kenny Anderson Community Center.

“It’s a two-day camp, one hour each day, where we get to teach the youth, 6- to-9-year-old kids, about the game of basketball,” Sioux Falls Parks & Rec Recreation Program Coordinator Chad Quissell said.

The clinic is one of the hundreds of activities offered by Parks & Rec during the summer, and designed to introduce kids to the basics of basketball.

“We want to make sure Sioux Falls has access to just teaching them the basics of basketball with dribbling, passing, shooting, and having fun along the way,” Quissell said.

“I was involved with basketball growing up and I’m trying to introduce her to as many activities as possible,” Sioux Falls resident Katie Hartigan said.

Katie Hartigan and her 6-year-old daughter, Kalauni, are attending the clinic for reasons beyond basketball.

“We live on this side of town so I’m hoping she makes some friends, builds some relationships with other kids from around this area,” Hartigan said.

Hartigan says the sport also teaches some early life lessons.

“Even though it might be hard at first as long as you keep trying that you can always get better at things,” Hartigan said.

“I hope they just learn more about basketball, they have fun, they see what kind of fun sport it is, how to get involved, and hopefully we teach them a thing or two about the sport,” Quissell said.

The basketball clinic wraps up tomorrow morning at Kenny Anderson Community Center.

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