MADISON, S.D. (KELO) — Friday’s heat made it a perfect day for a glass of lemonade.

A group of kids served up the summer classic all while putting their business skills to the test.

10-year-old Jake Harmdierks and his business team offered two different flavors for customers.

“It’s free will donation. It’s like you can pay anything and we’ll give you a cup,” 10-year-old Jake Harmdierks said.

The stand is the culmination of a week of Lemonade Camp, an opportunity for kids to learn about business and cybersecurity.

“So, they’ve learned about finances and marketing and management and entrepreneurial skills. They’ve learned about cybersecurity and protection of websites and email,” Dakota State University director of economic development Katherine Cota said.

Campers worked in teams and set up shop at several locations around Madison.

From figuring out what to charge to finding out how to reach customers, the campers have been learning the recipe for entrepreneurship.

“These guys right here are the future of our community, so helping them learn about business and what it takes to run a business, and all the different ideas and creativity that go into running their own lemonade stand, shows us that these guys are the future of business in Madison and we couldn’t be in better hands,” SBS CyberSecurity co-founder, partner, and chief people officer Jon Waldman said.

Harmdierks wants to own a business someday and says this camp can inspire other kids to do the same.

“They can start their own business and actually feel successful. It’s very nice to feel successful,” Harmdierks said.

The kids aren’t squeezing out the money for themselves. It’s all going to charities, making the business model even sweeter.

The kids raised over $4,800.

Lemonade Camp was sponsored by Dakota State University and SBS CyberSecurity.