BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) — After not being able to have the event last year, SDSU is back to hosting its Hobo Week, a tradition that’s been happening for more than 100 years.

Hobo Week is back and the excitement can be felt across the Brookings campus.

“I think everyone is a lot more grateful to be doing things again and to have the opportunities to come together, share in their traditions, and passion for SDSU,” said Matty Kerr, Program Advisor for University Traditions.

Hobo Day is a time for both current students and SDSU alumni to come together and celebrate traditions.

“It connects current students and past students together. We love seeing alumni come back and see students share their participation this year and sharing photos from the past years,” said Kayla Gullickson, Marketing Assistant Pooba.

“There are thousands of alumni of all different corners of the world and Hobo Day is a chance for them to come back and celebrate their starting point and all of the things that they learned at SDSU,” said Marie Robbins, 2021 Grand Pooba.

A time to connect the community with the university.

“I think for the most part they just like to show general spirit, open their doors to our current students this week with various promotions or excitement and then of course this weekend right it’s no surprise, it’s a huge economic development opportunity or huge revenue opportunity for the city of Brookings. So everyone is very excited it kind of see it happening at full speed and full scale again,” said Kerr.

Preserving history, down to the clothes and one particular accessory.

“Buttons have a really rich history here at SDSU, said Gullickson. “We have buttons in our archives going all the back for about 70 years, which is really cool that you can go on the digital archives and see those. So they are a really big tradition here, we as hobos love to cover ourselves in buttons.”

Students participated in a Bum-A-Meal, where they could have a meal at a community members home. There is also the BumFire, Rally at the Rails and so much more.