SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — What do turf care, painting and landscaping all have in common? A student from Southeast Technical College here in Sioux Falls is doing all that and more for the Atlanta Falcons.

18-year-old Jesse Tschetter has always loved working outdoors.

“Whether you are trimming hedges or mowing a field- how it looks before you start and then after you put your time and effort into it, to see the final result is a really cool thing,” Tschetter said.

He followed his passion and began a degree in sports turf management at Southeast Tech. Instructor Cory Borgen says Tschetter was eager to learn.

“Jesse was always here volunteering to do extra work, staying after class,” said Cory Borgen, Sports Turf Management Instructor.

Each student is required to do a summer internship before going into their second year. Tschetter applied for an internship within the Atlanta Falcons training facility and is there now working on keeping the greens pristine.

“These summer internships is a big part of them starting their career and learning exactly what they want in the future,” Borgen said.

“They have three natural grass fields so the players are not here right now they are on a little break, but when they are here we are constantly painting them, keeping lines, numbers and hashes fresh, we’re mowing every other day,” Tschetter said.

Tschetter is a huge fan of the NFL, though his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys, he tells me he’s having a wonderful time conversing with the players.

“I grew up a cowboys fan but I’ll definitely be cheering for the Falcons this season as well,” Tschetter said.

Tschetter says he plans to continue his career with a focus on sports turf management.