RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — Authorities are investigating three shootings in Pennington County, including a gunshots report at the fairgrounds.

Over the weekend, fair-goers and law enforcement heard gunshots on the grounds.

“We had deputies actually in that area that responded immediately and followed up with some investigation, talking with witnesses and people that were in the area,” Sgt. Scott Sitzes, Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, said.

Each year, the Central States Fair sees over 120,000 visitors walk through the gates.

And each year, deputies, like Adam Mooney are located here at the Regional Command Center.

“Most of the issues that we deal with day-to-day are missing, lost kids or unsupervised juveniles that tend to cause issues,” Deputy Adam Mooney said.

Whether it’s patrolling the grounds, responding to a call, or just building relationships with the youth and other fair-goers, the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office says it’s important to have a presence.

“And those positive interactions, those positive relationships they have built really help us in the future and it helps students as well so that they are not seeing law enforcement as negative or seeing law enforcement as somebody that is out to get them,” Sgt. Sitzes said.

With all the crime happening throughout the city recently, the sheriff’s office urges everyone to be safe.

“This is a family-friendly event, it has been, it’s what it’s purpose is. And for those people that don’t want to come down and enjoy that sort of activity, this is not the place for you to come,” Deputy Mooney said.

The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office says if you see something suspicious at the fair to call 911.
You can also find law enforcement at the Regional Command Center on the fairgrounds.