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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With school out in KELOLAND many kids may be excited for a relaxing summer. 

But in addition to getting to sleep in, it’s important to also keep your kids active. 

The days of setting the alarm for an early wake-up may have disappeared for a few months for kids enjoying summer. But even without an early morning, getting your kids up and active should be a daily routine. 

“We kind of have the world as our oyster and we, you know go around to the different parks and play to get all that energy out,” Jenny Mays said. 

While tablets and TVs may draw kids’ attention, Kim Donelan with Sanford Wellness says getting regular physical exercise is crucial. 

“We’re recommended to get, to have our kiddos get about an hour of exercise at least  every day. It’s gonna be good I think for mood, just for energy levels, and summer can be really entertaining and exciting depending on how you spend it,” Donelan said. 

And staying active doesn’t have to cost anything! Sioux Falls offers various options like the park, for kids to get moving throughout the summer for free. 

“Sioux Falls has so many wonderful opportunities to be outdoors and it’s free and just so readily available that no matter where you live in town there’s always something new to do and so you just have to make, make it a concerted effort and a point to get your kids out and about,” Mays said. 

Donelan says one way to set an example for your kids is to be active yourself. 

“It’s a lot on the parents to work through what works best for our family so that we can keep these kids active,” Donelan said. 

Mays and her husband make exercise a family activity, going on regular walks together. 

“We have about a mile loop in our neighborhood so the kids will ride their bike and my husband and I will walk along behind them and we do that almost everyday,” Mays said. 

Donelan says if partnering up with your kids isn’t an option due to a busy schedule, there are still activities they can participate in. 

Sanford Wellness on Oxbow offers morning fitness classes for three to 12 year olds with a family membership.

“That way family is important, not just the adults getting the exercise but the kids too,” Donelan sid. 

If you’re interested in a Sanford Wellness family membership, Donelan says there are guest passes to check it out before signing up. 

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