SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – While COVID-19 has made activities scarce for the summer, there’s one that’s rising in popularity. Kayaking is encouraging people to get out of their homes and out on the water to enjoy the hot summer weather. Many rental businesses say they’ve seen a big spike in rentals this summer.

Getting through the COVID-19 pandemic can often feel like being up a creek without a paddle.

“Yeah, I definitely have been staying inside more than I usually would,” Austin Erickson said

“I’ve also been staying inside a lot, but if I do anything it’s spaced apart,” Aspen Comes said.

But that’s not how kayakers Austin Erickson and Aspen Comes are getting by.

“It’s nice to be able to do things such as this: going kayaking and being able to enjoy the nice weather outside,” Erickson said.

Many across KELOLAND are following suit. King Rentals owner Jayden King says the demand for kayaks has heightened this summer.

“It’s extremely heightened. I would say over 200-percent,” Owner, King’s Rentals Jayden King said.

This is his third year running his own local business. He says they’ve had people rent as early as 8 a.m., and some as late as 10 p.m.

“I’ve wanted to kind of take care of that demand and be there for the families of KELOLAND,” King said.

King doesn’t have a store front. So he specializes in bringing the kayak to his customers.

“They’re there to drop of the kayaks for us and pick us up when we’re done, and that’s just something that I haven’t found anywhere else that offers,” Erickson said.

While eager kayakers are looking to fill their summer with some fun, King says being there for others brings it’s own fulfillment.

“It’s really awesome to not only see kids being excited going out but… seeing adults get a little jittery and having a great time while they’re out on the water,” King said.

“I think, just try and get outside and be active, I think this is just a great way to do it during the… pandemic we never would’ve expected, but we just got to make the most of it,” Comes said.

Sometimes the best way to stay afloat during the pandemic is just going with the flow.

You can see see other routes and special offers at King Rentals’ website.