SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — A man charged with killing a six-year-old boy in Kansas City, Kansas, will soon be returned to the metro to face charges.

Lakevis Sloan appeared in a Souix Falls, South Dakota, courtroom early Friday afternoon. During the hearing, Sloan waived his right to extradition. The decision means KCK officers can travel to South Dakota and take him into custody on an outstanding warrant on second-degree murder charges.

Detectives arrested Sloan and a 17-year-old boy in Sioux Falls Tuesday evening. The arrests happened as they got off a Greyhound bus.

The Wyandotte County District Attorney charged both Sloan and the teenager with second-degree murder in the death of six-year-old Sir’Antonio Brown.

The police department said both suspects are from Kansas City, Kansas.

During the hearing, Sloan asked the judge how long it would take for them (KCK officers) to arrive. The judge answered that he didn’t know.

Sir’Antonio’s family said three people in masks were in a car earlier this month when nearly three dozen bullets were fired from the vehicle.

A bullet hit and killed the 6-year-old boy as he played with other children in a yard year 31st Street and Greeley Avenue.

Last week, prosecutors charged 18-year-old Cassandra Sledge with obstructing prosecution in the case. They believe the shooters were in Sledge’s car at the time of the shooting.

Detectives are searching for a third suspect in the case.