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Juuling Or Vaping In Schools

It's not a new trend, but it has a new name and it's caught the attention of school districts all across the country, including the Brandon Valley school district. 

We're talking about 'Juuling.'  Never heard of it?  Chances are you have because it's vaping.  But now parents and educators should be aware of a new device that makes vaping even harder to detect.  

Juuling or vaping is a disturbing trend sweeping the nation among teens. 

"This is coming to epidemic proportions and it's dangerous," Meredith Berkman said. 

In a recent CBS News report, Meredith Berkman decided to start a grass roots campaign called 'Parents Against Vaping' to bring awareness to the harmful consequences of it.  

"Most of them contain nicotine a very harmful substance," Brandon Valley Superintendent Jarod Larson said.

Larson says he first learned of Juuling last spring at an education conference.  

He says the e-cigarettes are now disguised and parents should be aware of it. 

"They could be coming in very discrete forms and could come in the form of a USB flash drive," Larson said. 

Larson also says the marketing of it targets teens. 

"Some of the packaging looks like a small child's liquid bubble gum packaging," Larson said. 

To help get the word out, Larson is going to be posting these signs around the school district to let kids know, juuling or vaping of any kind won't be tolerated, just like other tobacco products. 

"Number one it's not safe, number two it's a violation of school policy and it is not allowed on school grounds," Larson said. 

The Food and Drug Administration says it is preparing to launch a campaign to discourage teens from using e-cigarettes, also known as vaping. 

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