SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A storm with strong winds and large hail has made its way across South Dakota.

Take a look at some of the pictures viewers across the state have sent to KELOLAND News:

  • 15th Street and West Avenue in Sioux Falls | Courtesy Kale Foster
  • Wall Lake Area Storm as of 3:25 p.m. | Courtesy Paul Schiller
  • Storm coming into downtown Sioux Falls
  • Storm damage in Miller | Courtesy KCCR Radio
  • Tree damage in Huron | Kenneth Olsen
  • Downed branches in Huron | Kenneth Olsen
  • Tree down in Huron | Kenneth Olsen
  • Huron storm damage | Sam Erickson
  • Storm damage in Huron | Sam Erickson
  • Destruction in Huron | Sam Erickson
  • 3 miles west of Miller | Courtesy KCCR Radio
  • 4 miles north of Onida | Courtesy KCCR Radio
  • Hail in Promise, South Dakota, on July 5 | Courtesy Sarah Mowrer
  • 3 miles west of Miller on US-14 | Courtesy KCCR Radio
  • Clouds in Aberdeen | Courtesy Leslie Young
  • Clouds in Aberdeen | Courtesy Leslie Young
  • Sky in north Watertown as of 1:37 p.m. | Mary Rose Redlin
  • Five inches of rain in Huron | Courtesy Houston Mees

A severe storm system with high winds, hail and rain blew through a big part of South Dakota on Tuesday, July 5.

The storm left downed trees, power lines and some flooded streets in its path.

KELOLAND meteorologists began reporting on the storm system by late morning. And they noted something different about this system. The winds would not quit when the main part of the storm system passed through an area.

Hand County is an example. A tornado warning was issued with severe thunderstorm warning in Hand County around 1 p.m. 

The Hand County Sheriff’s Office said at about 1:45 p.m. that areas of the county were still experiencing 60 mph winds after the main storm had passed through the county.

The office said there were trees down and semi-trailer trucks overturned on roadways.

Hartford, Madison and Sioux Falls were among the cities that experienced what Sioux Falls resident Karel Williams described as the “aftershock” winds from the main storm.

“It (wind) was not too bad but then there was this aftershock,” Williams said. “I have never seen that before and I was born and raised in South Dakota.”

Wind speeds of more than 80 mph were reported at Wall Lake and near Hartford.

“This is just strong, strong wind,” KELOLAND Meteorologist Brian Karstens said of the wind that followed the main storm.

Brian Kruse of Canistota said the storm sirens sounded at around 3 p.m.

“We’ve got strong winds and small hail,” Kruse said at 3:15 p.m.

Multiple severe thunderstorm warnings were issued throughout the afternoon with one of the final ones for South Dakota expiring at 5:15 p.m.

The storm prompted severe thunderstorm warnings for parts of northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota for the late afternoon and early evening.

The storm stretched from Dewey County down to Yankton and the Mitchell area to the north and west into Iowa and Minnesota.

Baseball-sized and even larger hail was reported in Dewey County, the sheriff’s office said.

Vehicles, windows on residences, siding and roofs were damaged by the large hail, according to the sheriff’s office.

The city of Huron issued a no travel advisory because of downed trees and power lines and flooded streets.

Sioux Falls officials advised people to shelter in place at one point during the storm because of flooded streets and storm damage.

Flood warnings were a concern in Murray County, Minnesota, and baseball-sized hail was reported near Lake Wilson, Minnesota.

Thousands of Xcel customers were without power as of 6 p.m. CT.

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