SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — An original plea agreement that included no prison time for child abuse charges filed against former South Dakota legislative candidate Joel M. Koskan has been rejected by a judge.

State Circuit Judge Margo D. Northrup said in her March 10 order that after considering a pre-sentence report she will reject a plea agreement signed on Sept. 9 and filed on Nov. 7. Koskan will now face a different sentence or requirements than in the original plea agreement.

Northrup said in her order if Koskan pleaded guilty to or no contest to the charges, the “disposition of the case maybe less favorable to him than that contemplated by the plea agreement.”

Under the original plea agreement, Koskan, 44, of Wood, would have pleaded guilty to a charge of exposing a minor to foreseeable harm, a class 4 felony with a max sentence of 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. However, that prison sentence was to be suspended in its entirety.

The original plea agreement would have required Koskan to:

  • Reimburse the State for costs associated with the investigation and prosecution of his case.
  • Remain on good behavior and obey all federal, state, local, and municipal laws prior to sentencing.
  • Complete a psycho-sexual assessment and follow through with completing all recommendations.
  • Pay for his victim to attend individual therapy with a licensed therapist of her own choosing.
  • Continue to support the victim in the same or similar manner he did before any allegations in were made, which will include:
    • Paying for the victim’s study, including any tuition, fees, books, and room/board at an accredited academic institution until she graduates or turns 22.
    • Guarantee continued use of the vehicle he provided to her by signing over the title.
    • Continue to provide health, vision and dental insurance to her until she graduates or turns 22.
  • Have no contact with the victim.

Koskan was a state Republican candidate for Senate in District 26.

He is scheduled for arraignment today.