SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –Putting a parent into a nursing home can be a tough and emotional decision.

But for one resident at the Good Samaritan Society that decision was made a lot easier because of one person, one very special person.

Jackie Stone has only been at the Good Samaritan Society for two months.

At first she wasn’t too keen on the idea of moving here.

“Nobody wants to end up coming to a place like this, I mean be honest about it,” Stone said.

But this guy makes her feel right at home.

He’s Janitor Jeff also known as grandson.

Jeff Weidner started working here about a year ago, he says he absolutely loves it, but having grandma here is a bonus.

In her room, she’s surrounded by family photos of grandkids and great grandkids, but having Jeff here in person is pretty special.

“Well I knew there was somebody I could depend on, I could holler at if I needed him, I always could with Jeff,” Stone said.

Weidner says having his grandma here reminds him of growing up.

“As a kid we went over to her house all the time. Then I went to college and moved to Sioux Falls and didn’t get to see her very much so it’s great getting to see her and getting to stop in and say hi, spoil her a little bit with treats,” Weidner said.

Weidner says he might favor her a little.

“I think people would be a little bit concerned if I didn’t favor her a little bit, you know she is my grandma after all,” Weidner said.

As one of the maintenance mechanics, Jeff fixes a lot of things around here, but this time he made something better….

“Just knowing I got somebody close,” Jackie said.

….and he didn’t even need his tools.

Jeff says he stops by her room two, three, sometimes four times a day just to check on his grandma.