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Jail Warden: Don't Interact With Escaped Inmates

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Authorities are searching for two escaped inmates. The search centers around Minnehaha County's Community Correction Center on Russell Street.

The two escapees left the facility early Wednesday morning. Both are minimum security inmates. 

50-year-old William Lowell Calkins faces burglary and intentional damage to property charges. 45-year-old Roy Charles Hampton faces drug charges. Minnehaha County's jail warden says an investigation like this can include interviewing inmates and going over their communications, like phone calls.

"When you're listening to phone calls, you kind of have to listen to it minute for minute, so if there's a lengthy or a large number of phone calls that stuff takes time," Warden Jeff Gromer said.

If you see them, let law enforcement handle the situation.

"If somebody sees them, they shouldn't try to interact with them or try to grab onto them.  Just call 911 or call the sheriff's office, and law enforcement will come out and take care of it," Gromer said.

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