An apparent jail romance ended with two people facing charges.  One of the suspects is a correctional officer. 

Now, we have new information on her arrest.

Koreena Schultes worked part time at the Lawrence County Jail. She started the job at the end of June. Within a month, court papers say she’d developed a relationship with an inmate. 

The documents say she and Tyler Statler communicated through an inmate texting system. An investigator wrote that some of the messages were sexual and it appeared that they were planning to start a relationship when he got out of jail.     
According to the accusations, she may have been helping speed up that process. 

Just two weeks after the first text message, court papers say Statler convinced Schultes to get him a handcuff key.  She told investigators she hid it in a letter. 

Another inmate overheard their conversations.  He told authorities Statler was planning to fake a suicide attempt to get out of his cell, and then use the key to escape. 

Statler is no stranger to the law.  He got out of prison in February and was in jail within a month.  He has a history of drug charges and was most recently accused of meth and making threatening phone calls to the mother of his child.