SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It may not feel like it, but spring is officially underway.

Landscape Garden Centers is preparing for its second spring at its new location in Sioux Falls.

“We’ve been busy planting annuals, perennials, obviously moving snow,” Garden Center Manager Laura Kalfs said.

It’s plenty busy and warm inside the garden center, but that’s where the balmy weather ends.

“We are behind as far as some of the outdoor activities we would do like getting our nursery ready, receiving bare root, but everything else looks to really be arriving on time,” Kalfs said.

Manager Laura Kalfs says the long winter won’t impact what we’re planting, only when we’re putting it into the ground.

“I think the timing will be the biggest piece of this spring, especially after a long winter I know everyone, including myself, gets really anxious and antsy to see just some green,” Kalfs said.

“If our weather cooperates and the ground’s letting loose and the snow’s melting, it’s probably not going to be as far behind as people think,” Garden Center Operations Manager Delwin Johnson said.

Delwin Johnson is the garden center operations manager.

“I know we’ll have our bare root coming in here within about a week or two, a lot of people just come in and buy it and we’ll store it here for them until the weather or the ground breaks enough where they can get them in,” Johnson said.

“We offer bare root trees, shrubs, and a lot of different fruits, so I think all of that is going to get pushed a little to where we’re looking more at that middle of April to late April start,” Kalfs said.

When the snow melts and spring finally arrives, Landscape Garden Centers expects to be a popular destination.

“We haven’t seen the bare ground really since late November, early December, so I think everyone is just trying to push this along but a slow melt is good. It’s what we need for our dry soils that we’ve experienced with the drought the last couple years. The snow is good, it’s just going to be better when it’s melted,” Kalfs said.

If the weather cooperates, Landscape Garden Centers plans to open Saturday, April 1st.