SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– Many people started hitting the gym this week as they work on their new year’s resolutions.

The Sanford Wellness center has three locations across Sioux Falls, all geared toward helping members meet their personal fitness goals. A few classes you can check out include balance, high intensity forte, yoga or workouts with a personal trainer.

For Chad Erb working out has really changed his life. In just seven months, he has dropped around 70 pounds.

“I turned 40 and I was 275 pounds so I just had to do something and hired Macie as my personal trainer. Super hard as you can tell I’m out of breath right now, just got done, but it’s been great I’m down to like 205, eating healthy, happier, things have been great,” said Erb.

The sanford wellness center sees an increase in membership at the beginning of the year.

“It’s great we love this new energy that we get in the gym but our goal is to keep folks consistent year round,” said Kim Donelan, supervisor at the Sanford Wellness Center.

There are many tips and tricks to stick to those new year’s resolutions.

“Having a personal trainer has really helped me because I know I pay for that for one and then you know another reason is she’s like keeping me accountable right, so she’s here every Tuesdays and Thursdays waiting for me so I think that’s been a big help,” said Erb.

“There’s so many different tips that we have to provide to our members about how to stay consistent,” said Donelan. “It’s great to have a plan of exercise and know what movements to do and so on but if I don’t have a plan of strategy, of how I’m going to do this, and what things may get in the way, and how I can overcome that, I won’t be successful, so it’s a lot about talking about behavior and setting small goals and so on to be able to achieve that.”

Words of encouragement for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals in 2022.

“Just stay positive, you can do it, just trust me it’s a lifestyle,” said Erb.

There are perks for other facilities and businesses when you become a Sanford Wellness Center member.