SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Families can spend today in a variety of ways. One Sioux Falls mom and her child spent the day thousands of miles away from their husband and father. KELOLAND’s Renee Ortiz brings us this Mother’s Day story.

When I last spoke to Makayla Romanov, the war in Ukraine had just begun.

“I hope this is over soon, I hope I can go home soon,” Romanov said.

Now she is spending Mother’s Day with their son Aleksei here in South Dakota, where both were born.

“I’m of course still super excited because it is my first Mother’s Day and I’m excited to be a mom and to have my son,” Makayla Romanov said.

Her husband Vlad is across the world in his home country of Ukraine.

“It’s sad at the same time because my husband doesn’t get to enjoy that, or be a part of that, still hasn’t got to meet his son, or partake in what should be a holiday that’s spent as a family,” Makayla Romanov said.

Before the war, Makayla and Vlad lived in his home, Kyiv where they planned to raise their son. Here he appears in a recent video.

“Good morning friends, it’s May 3rd 2022. We are in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are about to head to one of the major cities that was destroyed,” Vlad Romanov said.

Now as the war continues, Vlad is in Kyiv where he works with humanitarian organizations to provide food and supplies to citizens, soldiers and refugees.

“Right now we are heading to the warehouse where we’re going to load up buses and head to Irpin and Bucha where the cities were completely destroyed,” Vlad said.

For some families, this holiday can’t be about being physically together. Vlad has only met his son through video calls.

“My son is learning how to roll over, he baby talks, he’s starting to eat food, he wants to learn how to crawl and he (Vlad) misses those things and just kind of it’s a heartbreaking scenario that your child is growing and it’s not what either of us planned, it was never meant to be this way,” Makaya said.

The family is taking one day at a time. Aleksei turned four months old on May 2nd.