WAKONDA, S.D. (KELO) — If you have some name ideas for South Dakota’s snowplows, the Department of Transportation wants to know about them.

The state DOT’s snowplow naming contest runs through Tuesday, November 30th.

From coloring sheets, to coming up with names for snowplows, Irene-Wakonda teacher Tina Lee is using the DOT’s snowplow naming contest as a way to teach her preschoolers about snowplow awareness and safety.

“Then when they’re driving on a snowy morning with their parents they’ll recall these memories and say, ‘Slow down for that plow,’ or ‘Look at those lights, mom. We learned that at school,'” Irene-Wakonda teacher Tina Lee said.

“It’s maybe not always a flashy topic to grab people’s attention, but it’s maybe a way to get them involved through being involved in the naming and the coloring, just to make them aware of what we’re doing out there,” SDDOT director of operations Craig Smith said.

Lee feels a strong connection to the program.

Her late father Richard worked for the South Dakota DOT for more than 25 years.

“Many times we would miss Christmases. We would take food in for the men that slept there all night because they knew there was going to be a blizzard for three days,” Lee said.

Through several classroom activities, she’s honoring her father and driving home some important messages for her students.

The Irene-Wakonda Elementary School also got a visit from a snowplow in October.

If you’d like to enter names in the contest or download some kids activities, click here.