INWOOD, Iowa (KCAU) — An Inwood day care provider faces felony charges after she was accused of causing injuries to children under 2 years old who were in her care.  

According to complaint documents filed by the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, Hannah Olson, 27, of Inwood, was arrested on Sunday and charged with two counts of child endangerment causing serious injury.  

Olson is accused of being responsible for injuries sustained by two babies on two separate occasions.  

The first incident allegedly occurred on May 11, when a 2-year-old boy suffered extreme burns on his hand after it ended up in a pot of recently boiled water located in the sink.  

According to the documents, Olson allegedly ran the child’s hand under cold water and applied burn cream. She didn’t notify the parents or inform a medical care provider for over three hours about the burn.  

By the time the family was notified, the documents state that the baby’s skin had separated from his right hand, resulting in severe damage. The child was still wearing a glove and had not regained full circulation in his right hand as of fall 2022.  

Olson allegedly “agreed” that seeking help in a timely manner may have prevented some of the ongoing medical issues the child suffered.  

The documents state that an investigation was launched after an incident on August 29, which resulted in a six-month-old child needing to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because he was found unresponsive at Olson’s daycare.  

Medical personnel diagnosed the child as having abusive head trauma that they allegedly believed resulted from a “shaken baby injury.”  

The documents specified that the investigation showed that the baby was dropped off at daycare that morning in normal condition.  

Olson allegedly admitted during an interview on November 12, that she had become frustrated with the baby that day because she couldn’t set him down “without him screaming.” She reportedly told officials that she shook him “in a violent manner,” resulting in the injury.  

Olson was booked into the Lyon County Jail where she has since bonded out.