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International Artist Painting Mural On Faulkton Silo

FAULKTON, S.D. - Guido Van Helten will be using a grain silo in Faulkton as his canvas this summer.

"I have chosen Faulkton as a place to bring my style of artwork which works with bringing imagery to elevators and silos to small communities" Van Helten said.

Guido Van Helten is an artist from Australia who has painted murals on structures all over the globe. 

He chose Faulkton because it's a small town.

"It's a nice story. It's a nice place. I think commemorating this town and its people also does reflect the entire state in some way because it kind of got that style to it," Van Helten said.

Van Helton had wanted to start painting sooner. However, the silo needed more cleanup than expected.

"I've been busy working on a bit of prep work, so I haven't had as much time as I would've liked to to work on the design. Once I finish the prep work I'll be working on that," Van Helten said.

Van Helten plans on starting sometime next week. He will be using photos he took around town as inspiration. 

"I've got a lot of images from that and it's been a very positive experience, and it's also ongoing. While I'm here, I'll be taking more images and painting the mural," VAn Helton said.

Stacy Hadrick is on the board of the South Dakota Farmer Bureau. They donated $7,500 to the project.

"When you think of a small community undertaking a project like this, having an international artist come and be a part of this, it does take money. South Dakota Farmer Bureau really made it happen," Hadrick said.

Hadrick says the community of Faulkton is enthusiastic about the project.

"Everyone is so excited. I mean, how can you not be? We are beyond excited to see what is going to be painted," Hadrick said.

Van Helton says he should finish the murals in about three weeks. The city says they will  be live streaming the entire process.

Click here for the live stream.



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