SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Ahead of Halloween, some people got a head start on trick-or-treating at “Grandma Lu’s Hallow” in central Sioux Falls.

Halloween decorations, many resembling different horror movies, fill a yard in central Sioux Falls ahead of Halloween. It’s something the Keller family has been putting on for five years in honor of Grandma Lu, who died in 2020.

“My mother, who was grandma Lu, just instilled in her family this great love of Halloween. She loved to play pranks, rubber spiders, plastic bugs, fake bodies in your bed. We all just grew up loving Halloween and this is just a portrayal of that love,” Jana Keller said.

Jana’s son Lennon has helped with the display since its beginning.

“In honor of my grandma. She was a big Halloween person and instilled that in my mom, who then instilled it in me,” Lennon Keller said.

This year’s theme is “Hollyweird,” and there are references to 31 horror movies throughout the display, as well as friends and family who help out that are dressed up.

“It’s interactive, so you can come look at list or download the QR code on your phone and try to find all 31 movies. And we also have the selfie shed this year, which has been a big hit with families,” Jana said.

“Five years ago we were inside the garage, and we clocked a total of 113 people. And we were over the moon. We thought that was fantastic, and every year we decided to get a little bit bigger,” Lennon said.

The Keller’s say they had over 900 people come through Saturday night on the first night of the “interactive haunt” and around 1,000 people Sunday night. The Solorzano family was out enjoying it Sunday.

“It was fun to go through and try to find all the different movies that they had. The different things about, and got our fun little checklist and got to check everything off and took our selfie,” Ashlyn Solorzano said.

Doing this display each year goes beyond having a love for Halloween.

“It’s something that we will continue. My son will continue to do when I cannot someday, and it’s just a great thing to do for the community to see kids out here with the adults interacting. Instead of the adults seeing the kids have all the fun, they’re all together, and that’s a great thing. And it’s a great thing to love something so much and get to share it with complete strangers. It’s an awesome feeling,” Jana said.

They will be open once again on Halloween night from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. It is located just south of Augustana University near 36th Street and Summit Avenue.