SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There is no shortage of road construction projects currently underway in Sioux Falls, including one at Yankton Trail Park. The improvements inside the park are helping pave the way for an even bigger project.

The 57th Street entrance and main roads within Yankton Trail Park are currently closed.

“What we’re doing is realigning the road on the eastern end of Yankton Trail Park to make way for an additional left hand turn lane off Western Avenue that would provide access onto 229,” Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation Director Don Kearney said.

Kearney says that state project is scheduled for next year. The improvements within the park carry a price tag of about $800,000 and don’t end with realigning a road.

“As part of the project we’re also doing some resurfacing and restriping of some parking lots and roadways within Yankton Trail Park,” Kearney said.

“We’re happy about it, and we don’t even live here but our daughter does,” Eden Prairie, Minnesota resident Carol Campbell said.

Carol and Ray Campbell are from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. They’re visiting their daughter, Aulora, a recent nursing graduate from USF, and spent the morning on the trail.

“I was joyful when I saw that they were fixing the park because last year when we came, if you’re not really careful you can hurt yourself and fall off,” Campbell said.

The construction inside Yankton Trail Park is expected to be completed by early July.

“What we’re really trying to do from a timing perspective is do it in between the really busy spring and fall seasons of soccer,” Kearney said.

The fresh surface will also continue to serve as a starting point for the Campbell family.

“You can go for an hour just endlessly and it’s just beautiful, beautiful, I just love it,” Campbell said.

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