SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — The icy weather conditions have made many decide to stay indoors. But for those flying in and out of Sioux Falls, that wasn’t an option.

Many travelers yesterday and today have set up camp at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport due to weather conditions delaying or cancelling flights.

Shelia Denton and her husband drove to Sioux Falls from Minnesota yesterday for their flight to Vegas.

“It was delayed. We got on the plane and everything got sat down and stuff. They just couldn’t get the plane backed up to get us on the runway,” Denton said.

Denton wasn’t the only one with a delayed flight due to ice.

“We get an announcement saying that there’s something wrong, and I was confused at first. Then when we went inside, everyone was at the gate and then they made an announcement saying that the roads is too slippery,” said Jaylon Varner, SDSU student.

“The worst condition is to have icing. We’d much rather have snow to deal with and than the ice. But certainly, it can accumulate on surfaces, runways, taxiways, aprons that the planes park on,” Letellier said.

Executive Director Dan Letellier says many flights to and from Denver and Chicago have been cancelled for the rest of today.

“So it’s pretty large storm through central United States that’s affecting airports, all across the country,” Letellier said.

Though having a flight delayed or cancelled may be frustrating, Letellier says their focus is always on the safety of the passengers.

“The airport does a wonderful job getting us out and stuff. So we’ll get there,” Denton said.

Letellier says they expect to see an uptick in traveling this weekend.

He recommends you check your flight status before you leave home and to show up 90 minuets early for your flight.