SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A young South Dakota entrepreneur is finding sweet success with his ice cream business.

We first met Noah Felderman when he was 12 years old, selling SDSU ice cream out of the back of an ATV.

His mom was sort of a silent partner in ‘Feldy’s Ice Cream’ business because she had to drive him around back then.

“I love seeing smiles on customers’ faces and being at Lake Poinsett, it’s such a great community and it’s just awesome to be here, so I knew I wanted to keep doing this,” Noah said.

Well, now Noah is 14 years old. He saved up enough money to buy this bus.

His mom still has to drive him around, though, because he still doesn’t have his driver’s license.

“I don’t, very close, I have my learners permit, so I have until December then I’ll be serving customers on my own,” Noah said.

His mom couldn’t be prouder.

“I thought it would be a fun little project, but he’s stuck with it,” Mati Felderman said.

And he’s finding sweet success.

“He’s a pretty persistent kid, and when he wants to do something, he’s going to do it,” Mati said.

Noah recently placed fourth in the nation in the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America business competition in California.

“I had to create a business plan that I had to present to judges out there what my business was how I operate it and what my goal was and how I plan to stay open and how I plan to build my business,” Noah said.

His customers enjoy watching him succeed about as much as they enjoy the ice cream.

“This kid started our running around with an ATV and a generator on it, with a cooler selling ice cream and we were like okay, it should last a little bit now look he has a bus, he’s set up and he’s number four in the nation in entrepreneurship,” Victor Erlacher said.

So there you have it, the scoop of the day.

Noah says he might expand his ice cream business by adding more buses to his fleet or open a store.