SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Some neighbors are complaining about the increased traffic noise coming from the interstate after a building was torn down in southern Sioux Falls.

Schmidt Music was demolished on 41st Street and now some families living on Pam Road are upset. They hope the city or state will do something to help them.

“It’s terrible that’s the best way to explain the noise level is terrible,” Mike Corothers said.

Mike Corothers has lived in this neighborhood since 2016. The city is in the process of buying up land along 41st Street because it’s in the flood plain. That included the old Schmidt Music building, which was most recently home to Schoppert’s Piano Gallery.

After the city tore the building down, the noise level went up.

“My son’s bedroom is on this side of the house and about every other night now he comes into our bedroom 12 o’clock in the morning he’s complaining about it so it keeps us awake at night,” Shaun Chrispen said.

“The overpass, it’s got some thumping to it as prior when that building was there it would block a lot of that out where we weren’t getting woke up at night,” Chrispen said.

They want the state or the city to build a wall to buffer the noise.

“It’s a fast easy solution they’ve done in other parts of town,” Corothers said.

We reached out to the Department of Transportation, and they said they can’t answer that question right now until an environmental impact study is complete.

The city is working with the state on that study.

“With the buildings no longer there in these areas of the flood plain, we are going to update that noise study to see if it results to a point where any other noise mitigating measures would be needed,” city engineer Andy Berg said.

The city says something will get done.

“If it comes back that no noise mitigating measures are needed, the city is still going to do some betterments to those properties, we’ll develop landscaping plans to improve the aesthetics and still provide some sort of buffer for that neighborhood,” Berg said.

The city says the environmental impact study hasn’t started yet, and there’s no timeline for when it will be done.