BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — Huset’s Speedway in Brandon closed its season over Labor Day weekend.

Huset’s Speedway has wrapped up its four-month run, and General Manager Doug Johnson considers the season a win.

“Our car counts are going to be up around 27 or 28% over 2022. It’s what fans want to see, they want to see more cars and in turn that’s our ultimate goal is to bring more people out to Huset’s Speedway,” General Manager Doug Johnson said.

The dirt track is now empty, allowing Huset’s to turn its attention to construction as owner Tod Quiring makes the move from Minnesota to South Dakota.

“The Big Game Motorsports #2 race team, along with corporate offices, everything that he’s had in Windom is going to be moving up here to Brandon so we’ll have new office space up there along with the race shop for the #2 car,” Johnson said.

The new shop and office space isn’t where this fall’s list of construction projects ends.

“In our turn four suite area, behind that suite area, we’re going to put up a large retaining wall. The fence that’s up behind the grandstand now along Highway 11 is going to get replaced as well. We’re just looking at opening that up, making a bigger area for our vendor area for our bigger races with open-air decks where people can stand up there and watch the race,” Johnson said.

“We got some new fans coming from all over the country. It’s always good to have new people coming to town,” 212 The Boiling Point owner Kyle Thill said.

Kyle Thill owns 212 The Boiling Point in Brandon and is a longtime racing fan.

“Every time that they do an upgrade it makes the track better and it’s obviously one of the best tracks in the world already, so anything that makes it better brings more people, which brings more people to us,” Thill said.

Assisting a local business, and proving again that Quiring isn’t afraid to upgrade his product.

“He’s definitely willing to put the investment into making this place better and making it better for the fans, and increasing that fan experience is what it’s all about,” Johnson said.

Johnson says they plan to have both construction projects done before the Mother’s Day, 2024 season opener.