BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — A prominent snowmobile race series is setting up shop in Brandon.

The infield at Huset’s Speedway is piled high with snow for Championship Snocross.

“Athletes from all over the world, from Norway, Sweden, anywhere,” AMSOIL Championship Snocross President Carl Schubitzke said.

Athletes who have no fear when it comes to riding a snowmobile.

“They make it look easy and they jump 100 feet, 25 feet in the air, and they’re traveling at high, high rates of speed,” Schubitzke said.

The Snocross National is one of eight stops on the schedule, and part of what president Carl Schubitzke calls the largest snowmobile series in the world.

“Your world ranking is kind of based off of how you do here. If you win the championship here, you beat the best in the world so it’s an attraction for anyone and everyone, so it’s a big series,” Schubitzke said.

The snow making process begins 6-8 weeks prior to an event. Mother Nature has done her part, now Snocross National will begin the grooming process.

“We’ll start pushing snow Tuesday, Wednesday our operations start coming in and setting everything up, Thursday TV and the rest of the crew starts showing up, so it’s a very busy 48-72 hours,” Schubitzke said.

“You get your ups and downs, you get your warm weather like yesterday where we melted a lot of snow and then it turns to ice overnight, makes it challenging but they know what they’re doing and I think we’ll be just fine come Friday and Saturday,” Huset’s Speedway General Manager Doug Johnson said.

Doug Johnson is Huset’s general manager and says this is an event years in the making.

“Snocross has been on our radar screen since Tod purchased this back in 2020, and concerts are obviously on our radar screen, so we just want to diversify,” Johnson said.

And Schubitzke says their first trip to Huset’s won’t be their last.

“We think we found a home here and I hope we do for a long time,” Schubitzke said.