ROWENA, S.D. (KELO) — Another sure sign that summer is just around the bend, the return of Bike Night.

Motorcycles lined the lot at Red Rock Bar & Grill Wednesday night, with patrons looking for a good time and to give back.

“I love the music and being outdoors, partying with my friends, and it’s a great fundraiser for the Children’s Home Society,” Patty Kuehn said.

“Bikers usually get this kind of a rough and tumble kind of persona about them, but when it comes to the kids they dig deep,” Bike Night MC Frank Anderson said.

Bike Night is a summer-long fundraiser for the Children’s Home Society, and Frank Anderson is MC.

“It’s the camaraderie, it’s the helping people right here in our community. I mean that’s the really important thing, Children’s Home Society impacts lives right here in town and people like to come out for anything that helps the kids,” Bike Night MC Frank Anderson said.

“Good people connect us to more good people, and it spreads,” Children’s Home Society Director of Development Rick Weber said.

CHS Director of Development Rick Weber says this year’s budget is $27-million and a third of that comes from charitable donations.

“There’s so many good people out there and people want to help and want to do good things, and what’s really cool is the Red Rock, they’re creating this venue and this opportunity for people to help,” Weber said.

“On the final Bike Night, we’re going to be raffling off a brand new 2022 Indian Challenger motorcycle,” Vern Eide Motoplex Marketing Director Tom Borchard said.

Borchard says that’s not where the giving ends.

“If you come up to Vern Eide Motoplex this summer and test drive a new Indian motorcycle between now and the final Bike Night, every single time somebody test drives we donate $20 towards Children’s Home at the end of the year,” Borchard said.

And those dollars can really add up.

“Last year was an overwhelming record. We ended up writing a check for $7,500 that we donated to the Children’s Home Society just off of test drives. I’m personally hoping to see that number go up to five-digit money this summer,” Borchard said.

Helping children and families in need.

Red Rock Bar & Grill owner Mitch Runge estimates between 500-600 motorcycles passed through during the opening night of Bike Night, which is every Wednesday night through September 6th at Red Rock Bar & Grill.