SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) —  Saturday morning hundreds of people gathered at the Levitt in Sioux Falls for the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s event.

One special part of this event is the promise garden flowers given to participants with each color meaning something different depending on how the disease is personal to them. The goal is to uplift others in the community the disease has impacted.

“What we want people to know first of all if they are impacted by this disease at all that they’re not alone. I hope coming today and standing shoulder to shoulder with a thousand people who know what this journey looks like will send that message,” said Leslie Morrow, executive director of the Alzheimer’s Association. “We have resources here. We have ways to connect them to people that can ease that burden. We have little kids that we want to fight for a different future for them and we have families that have already lost their loved ones. Still, they keep coming back because they know how important it is to end this disease.”

More than $200,000 has been raised so far. The goal is to hit $280,000 by December.

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