How you can help the City of Sioux Falls fix ‘buckling’ sidewalks

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Some might be small, but certain cracks in sidewalks can make for big problems if unattended. A mix of moisture and heat can cause streets and sidewalks to buckle and crack over time. Now it’s not hard to notice major cracks, but it can be difficult to tell if the city is supposed to take care of it, or if you do.

While these little shifts in concrete may seem harmless, if you’re not careful, they can really trip you up.

“We have concrete throughout the city. We have over 32 hundred lane miles… and probably more than that in sidewalks, so it could be anywhere in the city,” Head of the City of Sioux Falls Street Department Dustin Hansen said.

The City of Sioux Falls Street Department refers to these tiny buckles as “Tenting.”

“You’ll actually see like a crumbling where two slabs come together and they actually compress each other, so you’ll see that and still want to report that” Hansen said.

If found on your property, and if it causes an issue, the city may ask you to take care of it. You can either hire a contractor or do it yourself. But, if it’s a city owned sidewalk, they’ll take care of it.

“Depending on if we have a contractor in town, we’ll have them address it right away. If it’s bad enough our crews may go out and actually put some asphalt in there until we get a permanent because to repair a sidewalk like that with asphalt may take a few hours,” Hansen said.

In some cases, the line separating these can be about as jagged as a cracked sidewalk, but there is a way to tell.

“If it’s a back-of-curb sidewalk: you have a sidewalk and the curb is right next to it and it goes on to the street, that would be a city-owned,” Hansen said.

But if you are uncertain, you can contact the city with questions, or use their one-link app to send in pictures of where you find one.

“Most of the time you’ll definitely know if a street has buckled. Like when I said ‘tenting,’ it could raise anywhere from 4 to 8 inches if that issue goes quick,” Hansen said.

For more information on what you need to know if your sidewalk is questionable, you can visit the City of Sioux Falls’ website.

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