SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As we watch the war in Ukraine unfold, many people are wondering what they can do to help.

This Saturday, Sanaa’s Gourmet restaurant is hosting a fundraiser with the World Central Kitchen. 100% of the money will go toward providing meals to those in Ukraine.

Sanaa Abourezk is passionate about making sure everyone has food to eat.

“My issue is always child hunger and to see all the misplaced, one million children basically have no home, the mothers and I know a meal might sound like not much, but at least I feel like I’m doing something to help,” said Sanaa Abourezk, owner of Sanaa’s Gourmet.

This weekend, she’s raising money for World Central Kitchen, an organization that partners with local chefs in disaster areas to help feed those in need.

“They were on the actually on the border of Poland within 24 hours cooking hot meals. So all the money is going to them to provide ingredients so they keep cooking,” said Abourezk.

Even though the fundraiser hasn’t officially begun, Sanaa’s is already seeing support.

“We actually already have donations, some people who cannot come in to the fundraising on Saturday,” said Abourezk. “A lot of people who watch my Facebook and Instagram they also already donated directly towards world central kitchen.”

Using her talents to give back and spread kindness.

“My dad in Syria he was a farmer and he always helped everybody and people would ask him ‘why are you keep helping people?’ and he said because my kids are in America if I’m helping somebody here, God will watch over them over there and that’s how I see it. If I’m helping somebody here, somebody doing another kind thing gesture somewhere else,” said Abourezk.

Starting at 11:00 Saturday morning, Sanaa’s will be serving up a wide variety of meals, salads and desserts. The fundraiser will go until 2 p.m.

They can donate directly to World Central Kitchen online.