SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., is coming to the PREMIER Center. You might know him better by his stage name. Snoop Dogg, fresh off his performance in the Superbowl, is coming to Sioux Falls in two months. The concert also includes Koe Wetzel, whose music is described as outlaw country.

Promoter Jered Johnson of Pepper Entertainment says the April 19th concert is one of two dates in the country with this lineup.

“It kind of morphed out of the Superbowl performance and then the stars aligned, both these acts are on separate tours and they decided to come together for a couple of dates, happen to be in the Midwest. I don’t know how, and we are really excited,” said Johnson.

Snoop and Wetzel might seem like an odd combination to some, but apparently, the two hit it off when they met recently. Johnson says it will be a unique event.

“We get asked a lot to do things other than country or other than classic rock and this is certainly different from what Sioux Falls is used to seeing,” said Johnson.

Faith Hofer and her friends were having breakfast at Josiah’s and were surprised to hear that the rap icon is coming to Sioux Falls.

“I feel like Sioux Falls needs some hip hop, we need to change it up a little bit so, it should be fun!”

Allison Laibach, lives in Sioux falls but is originally from L.A., so we had a little fun talking about Snoop.

Tom Hanson: So you and Snoop Dogg are friends?

“We are BFF’s”, she said.

Tom Hanson: So did he call you and tell you he was coming to town?

“Yeah I got him on speed dial, not really, ” she joked.

Tom Hanson: Tell me what do you think of him coming?

“His performance at the Superbowl was amazing, so if I saw him I would freak out.”

Friend Meagan Rassmussen says she is looking forward to the concert.

“I am a fitness instructor at Motives Sioux Falls and we play a lot of Snoop, so I think it should be fun,” said Meagan Rasmussen.

General admission tickets go on sale Friday.